In accordance with Law No. 2017/010 of July 2017, laying down the general rules and regulations governing Public Establishments, the board of directors is made made up of representatives of authorities concerned with the implementation of the tasks assigned to the Public Establishment. SOWEDA's board of directors comprises 12 members headed by the Board Chairman who is appointed by presidential decree and ensures the implementation of board resolutions. Board members are also appointed by presidential decree for a 3 year term, renewable once.

Mr. EDIAGE Apande Herbert


Mr. GOPTE Augustine

Prime Minister’s Office

Dr. NYING Charles Shey

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

Mr. NJI Taboh Donatus

Ministry of Finance

Mme BIHOLONG Léocadie

Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development

Mr. BIPANE Abanda Denis

Ministry of Commerce

Dr MVENG Sanding Georges Marc Arthur

Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries

Mr. Alexandre EPIE EWANE

Ministry of Public Works

Dr EHABE Eugene Ejolle

Institute of Agricultural Research for Development


National Cocoa & Coffee Board

Mme NJONJE Sarah Nanyongo épse BAIYE

South West Farmers’ Cooperative Union

Mr. TABI Newton Ayuk

Staff Representative -SOWEDA

Mr. EWANE Peter Asuambeh