SOWEDA Promotes Cocoa Production in Cameroon's South West Region

The South West Region of Cameroon is well known for its fertile soils and ideal climate for cocoa production. However, over the years, many farmers have struggled to produce quality cocoa that meets international standards. This is why SOWEDA has for the past years put a special accent on the cash crop, providing cocoa farmers with the needed support to help them make the most out of their activities. The Establishment, in collaboration with its partners like the National Coca and Coffee Board (NCCB), has been at the forefront of boosting the region's cocoa production.

With the goal of supporting local farmers, SOWEDA has invested in promoting the use of hybrid cocoa seedlings that are of better quality. Amongst other benefits, these improved hybrid seedlings are early maturing. They are produced in delocalized nurseries at proximity to needy farmers in Buea, Batchou Ntai, Mamfe, Nguti, Ngusi and Mundemba.

For this farming season, over 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) cocoa seedlings have been produced and are already being distributed to farmers in the region.

But that's not all. To help farmers get the most out of their harvest, SOWEDA intends to construct 166 green house solar dryers and fermentation facilities, as well as two semi-industrial cocoa processing units in the cities of Kumba and Mamfe. These facilities will be designed to ensure proper fermentation and drying of cocoa beans, which is essential for high-quality cocoa production.

It is important to note that, SOWEDA is also boosting activities in the sector by providing accessibility to cocoa production basins, making transportation of cocoa from the farms to nearby towns easier. The Establishment has over the years, opened up and rehabilitated hundreds of kilometers of farm to market roads in the region although in the last five years the state of some of these roads have deteriorated because of the socio-political crisis. 

The initiatives undertaken by SOWEDA in the cocoa sector are expected to not only improve cocoa production in the South West Region but also boost the income of local farmers. As such, farmers from all over the region are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities being offered by SOWEDA. With thousands of good quality hybrid cocoa seedlings up for grabs, farmers can take the first step towards a brighter future for themselves and the entire region. It is also an opportunity for politicians to support their constituents by procuring some of these material for them and enable participate in unlocking the full potential of cocoa production in the region to bring it to its usual number one cocoa production Region of the country.


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