The  South West Integrated Rural Development Projectproject was implemented during the period 1994-2002 and was funded by the ADB, Government of Cameroon and beneficiaries. It covered the areas of agricultural development, rural infrastructure and rural credit.

Project Objectives

a. Improve income of farmers in the project area

b. Improve nutritional and health standards in the project area

c. Stabilise the rural population and reduce the exodus of rural yoths to urban centres

d. Improve on the balance of payment  and 

e. Increase food supply to urban centre

Project Components

To ensure the attainmment of the above listed objectives, the project was carved out in the following components:

Agricultural Development 

  • Extension and training
  • Production and distribution of improved planting material
  • Reduction of post harvest food loss

Agricultural Credit

  • Acqisition and distribution of agricultural imputs
  • Regeneration and extension of cocoa and coffee plantations
  • Settlement of youth involved in agriculture
  • Support to women groups in food processing and marketing

Socio-economic Infrastrcture 

  • Rehabilitation , construction and maintenance of rural roads
  • portatble water supply in rural areas 
  • logistic support to health services and to the project head office

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