Weather related factors such as light, water, rain fall, temperature, air, relative humidity and wind are crucial elements that affect agricultural production. In fact, according to recent worldwide statistics, nearly 50% of crop yield is attributed to the influence of Climatic factors only.  Climate change and the effects thereof is a serious issue farmers have to consistently be on the lookout for. Destructive rains, floods, acute temperature and winds pose a continuous threat to their agricultural activities. Monitoring the daily fluctuations of weather therefore can help farmers prepare for and overcome these threats.

To be better armed to tackle weather related challenges in its seed multiplication farm at Nyan-Kikoh, in Bangem Sub-Division, the South West Development Authority has installed a wireless meteorological station. The Davis 6163 Vantage Pro2 Plus instrument, combines a wireless weather station with UV and solar radiation sensors plus a 24-hr fan-aspirated radiation shield. The equipment transmits and receives data up to 300m line of sight and with wireless repeaters, up to 3.2 km. It tracks a huge number of weather variables including temperature (indoor and outdoor), barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall, wind, wind chill, solar radiation, dew point, and many others.  It includes a display console and the innovative integrated sensor suite, which combines rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, and anemometer all into one package. 

Speaking during the installation ceremony, SOWEDA’s Director of Administration and Finance, BALOKO Benson explained that the weather station will play a vital role in the monitoring weather conditions which can help the Establishment cut production costs, produce higher crop yields, and prevent over or under watering. With a land surface of over 74 hectars utilized for corn, cassava and plantain seed multiplication, the weather station, will equally help the farm manager and other staff at the centre to make better decisions about pesticides and preventing disease. All this will go to reinforce SOWEDA’s goal of increasing production in quality and quantity, to meet the rising demands in the region.

Also present at the ceremony, the Divisional Delegate of Environment Nature Protection and Sustainable Development for Kupe Muanenguba Ekane Mary Pembe epse Epie lauded SOWEDA for the new station, adding that the station will be very useful to students, researchers and the general public seeking weather information.

Given the importance of weather stations, SOWEDA plans to install 2 more during the course of the 2023 financial year.

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