Bringing water and life to the people of Moquo village, a community in Missaka Chiefdom, Tiko subdivision in the South West Region, the South West Development Authority, SOWEDA, constructs and donates an ultramodern solar-powered borehole for the people to quench their thirst, strain and desire for portable water in the village. The introduction of this ultramodern water supply system has fulfilled the long-standing dream of the community.

The Director General of SOWEDA, left the community people with a charge to jealously manage and control this source during the double ceremony to receive and hand over the borehole from the contractor to the population on Wednesday June 28, 2023 in the village. 

The DG of SOWEDA, Dr. Besong Ntui OGORK, notes in his speech that the construction of this borehole was part of SOWEDA’s drive to support the rural communities in the South West Region. He further explained that the push to build a portable water source for the community was inspired by the people’s need for clean water that will cut back on water borne diseases in the community. “We all know that water is life and he who brings water brings life. We were here last year and we realized that most of the households rely on open wells for drinking water,” The Director General said. “We know all the risks associated with drinking water from open wells and polluted sources, so a borehole like this does not cost too much but the impact on the lives of the people in this community will be huge. We are happy with the enthusiasm demonstrated by the people in this community and we pray that they will manage the water and its facilities well,” Dr Ntui Ogork added.

The complete project amounted to a cost of 25 million encompassing feasibility studies, construction and associated taxes. The contractor was equally lauded for taking the initiative to go beyond was what expected of him in the terms of his contract.

It was an atmosphere of euphoria, as joy and optimism were written all over the faces of the grateful population. The DG of SOWEDA hopes that this borehole will strengthen the community’s effort in the fight against water borne diseases which are prevalent in the area.

The choice of solar energy to power the borehole is a means to avoid heavy electricity bills the villagers would incure if the borehole was wired to pump water from electricity sources. The borehole would be able to supply water to over 3000 persons in the area, with stand taps at different locations in the village.

On behalf of the community, the chairperson of the Moquo Traditional Council, Ayahtong Wilfred, jubilates that water borne diseases would soon become only a memory in the land of Moquo. “My people are very happy with this borehole because for decades, we have been drinking water from streams, wells and today we have a borehole constructed by SOWEDA. We know that sicknesses that used to trouble us like cholera and other water borne diseases and worms will fight these illnesses,” said the Chairperson. He equally assured that they would diligently safeguard the borehole or future generations. 

Joining their voices to the chairperson, numerous community leaders demonstrated their gratification with the borehole project, announcing that it is a lifesaver to the community.

While concluding, the DG leaves the community with the charge to“… maintain the infrastructure and make the environment clean, because we do not want them to carry water from a dirty environment. They must also ensure that people do not carry out activities around the borehole that may lead to contamination of the underground water,” the DG said.

A 70-year old native of the village, Mama Rufinna, expresses her joy and gratitude to SOWEDA as she shared the daily struggles of the community due to water scarcity and the defects of their water supplies. “During the dry season, we have to wake up every day at 2am to fetch water from the wells. If we don’t do it, we would not have any water for the rest of the day when the wells get dry.” Mama Rufinna said as she rained downed prayers for continuous success in the institution.


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