By virtue of its creation and mission, the South West Development Authority is designed to further government’s goal of improving on the living standards and the economic empowerment of the rural populations of the South West Region. SOWEDA has been executing this assignment since 1991 when it became operational. Albeit the challenges of recent years, the Administrative Public Establishment, has not caved in on achieving its goals.


 Amongst the difficulties faced by the population of the hugely agriculture fueled South West Region, is finding proper planting materials for farmers. When it comes to seed supply, farmers are often left to themselves as most do not have easy access to improved planting material and seeds, thus having to rely on either their previous harvest or volunteer seedlings from their farms. This is so because seed producers often sell at high cost and may not always be able to provide the kind of seed they need and oftentimes do not even have steady supply. 

SOWEDA has however been the solution to the seed problem in the region, rescuing farmers from this predicament. The Establishment continues to make it a prime duty to provide farmers with improved, high yield planting materials. Whether it is maize seeds, plantain plantlets, cassava cuttings, yam sets, or cocoa seedlings, farmers in the region can always count on SOWEDA for inputs. This year alone, SOWEDA has already made available 55 tons of maize seeds to farmers and is presently in the process of distributing close to 100.000 cocoa seedlings. 

Apart from connecting plants and people for food security and economic empowerment, SOWEDA is also tracing the tracks to easy transportation of crops from farms to markets. Knowing the important interconnection between good roads and agriculture, especially in the SWR where adequate road infrastructure is still a major concern, SOWEDA has been accentuating on the construction and rehabilitation of some farm to market roads notwithstanding the prevailing socio-political context. With hundreds of kilometers of roads constructed and rehabilitated since its creation through past and present Projects of the Establishment, several communities still vividly remember how they benefited from the interventions of SOWEDA. 

Today SOWEDA is partnering with local communities and taking on 50% of the cost of hiring heavy duty equipment for development projects. Since starting in the final quarter of 2022, more than 5 communities have already taken advantage of the partnership and enjoying new roads. SOWEDA heavy duty equipment have just completed opening up 23km of road from Etabang to Edikang for the Banyue community in the Kupe Muanenguba Division as part of this 50-50 partnership. The South Development Authority plans to execute similar schemes in the course of the financial year. In 2021, the Establishment was engaged in the rehabilitation of certain roads in the Upper Bayang Subdivision before they were stopped by the unfortunate vandalization of one of their key equipment.

However, it has not all been a bed of roses. The Establishment has been grappling with a number of challenges. The security situation in the region has left a hostile atmosphere for field activities. 

Also, the Establishment is struggling with a shortfall in revenue, and irregular and insufficient subvention from government. 

Nonetheless these have not stopped the management of SOWEDA from exploring ways of carrying out important and impactful activities and making progress. 



The South West Development Authority is a pillar of agriculture and rural development in the South West Region of Cameroon. For over 3 decades, this Administrative Public Establishment has catered for the needs of farmers and communities in the region, working tirelessly to contribute in ensuring food security, reduce poverty levels and improve on the livelihoods of the rural populations. This is in concordance with the mission of SOWEDA which is to ameliorate the livelihoods of these rural communities through agricultural development and the enhancement of access to good rural infrastructure like farm to markets roads, markets, water supply schemes, health centres, etc. Other activities of the Establishment include the promotion of access to credit for agricultural development, formulation and eventual implementation of major development projects in partnership with Government and Multilateral Development Banks and Agencies. Also, the establishment serves as a Centre for holding information on development since the creation of an archive centre in 2018. 

Since going operational in 1991, SOWEDA has served as government’s instrument in the South West Region to oversee the identification and implementation of Programmes in Agriculture and Rural Development, triggering socio-economic growth and development in the South West Region. 

The activities of SOWEDA are funded principally by investment credit from the technical ministries (MINADER and MINEPIA). Self-generated income though very limited also makes up an important portion of the funding of the Establishment. Subvention is equally provided by the Ministry of Finance for the recurrent cost of the Establishment. In the wake of the aftermath of the socio-political crisis in the Region, SOWEDA remains a major opportunity for synergy with other institutions like the Regional Assembly to propel development in the Region.

SOWEDA also offers direct services to the public such as access to good quality improved seeds and other planting material, and heavy-duty equipment at very affordable prices. The Establishment is actively sourcing for funding for more projects in the area of livestock and fishery development as well as climate change adaptation.




At SOWEDA, you can hire heavy duty equipment for all your construction projects in the South West Region. We rent out bulldozers, low-loaders, grader motors, excavators, compactors, water and fuel tankers, dump trucks, mini-trucks and much more. Our prices are moderate and all our equipment come with experienced operators and drivers. Hiring with us is quick, simple and easy. You can hire and pick up instantly. You can also hire through our website

Special offer to communities

SOWEDA is collaborating with communities that are ready to participate in the development of their area. They can take advantage of a 50-50% partnership for the cost of hiring heavy duty equipment for the purpose of constructing or rehabilitating community roads. This means communities will be required to pay only half the actual price of hiring bulldozers, graders, excavators and other heavy-duty equipment required in road works.  



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