Livestock farmers in the South West Region will soon have easy access to quality feed for their animals at affordable prices. This is thanks to the newly constructed and equipped Feed Mill at the Zoo-technical Centre in Ombe, Tiko Sub-Division – South West Region. 

The final phase of the project was completed Tuesday October 12, 2021, with the technical and provisional reception of all Feed Mill equipment which have been installed and are ready to use. 

The contract to supply and install the Feed Mill equipment was awarded to EFFI AND BROS ENTERPRISE Buea, with a contract duration of 2 months which has been respected by the supplier. 

The 13 million fcfa contract covered the purchase and installation of a grain grinder, a vertical feed mixer and a bone and shell crusher together with accessories consisting of a control board, a weighing scale, a hand sewing machine and a hand trolley. 

As it was the case with the construction of the feed mill, the funding for this second and final phase of the project came from the 2021 Public Investment Budget of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA) allocated to SOWEDA.

Present for the reception were representatives of SOWEDA the Contracting Authority, the SW Regional Delegation of MINEPIA, SW Regional Delegation of Public Contracts, as well as the supplier. 

SOWEDA has already set the ball rolling for the effective functioning and prompt commencement of activities at the Feed Mill. To make maximum use of the facility, the Establishments plans to work with an experienced feed producing cooperative.

Livestock farmers in the South West can be sure that SOWEDA will utilize this facility to support and promote livestock activities in the region.

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